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It’s a bit of a cliché, but as I compared Archbishop Boniface in 741 and his mentor, Bishop Willibrord, in 714, I thought history was repeating itself.

Frankish Mayor of the Palace Pepin died in 714, and his surviving relatives (plus a couple of other people for good measure) fought for power. Willibrord had to choose a side, and he made the right one with Pepin son’s Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer).

Fast-forward to 741. Another mayor of the palace, Charles Martel, died, and the three sons born within wedlock were fighting over who should rule Francia. Whom should Boniface side with?

Karlomann, the eldest and most groomed for power, who is allied with his full brother, Pippin? Or the half-brother Grifo, the teenage son of Charles’s influential second wife, Swanahild?

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Saint Boniface

Illustration by By Cornelis Bloemaert (1603-1684), public domain, via Wikimedia Commons