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As I wrote a post about early spring gardens in the Dark Ages for English Historical Fiction Authors, one thought came to mind: I want one. Well the garden, not the Dark Ages.

The backyard in our prior house was too shady for many vegetables, so we grew summer tomatoes, peppers, and a few herbs in pots. I slipped some Swiss chard along a walk one year and have planted herbs and garlic in the front, but it’s not the same. I miss the lettuces and greens, kale, and peas. I long for asparagus and strawberry patches.

When we moved, we chose a property with a good sized backyard and a lot of sunshine. But the yard is grass rather than garden beds, so we will need to dig first. That means waiting for warmer weather and drier soil. Maybe next year, we’ll sow crops that can tolerate a few frosts, and I’ll see seedlings of those vegetables I described earlier.

Of course the stakes for me and my husband are a heck of lot lower than the imaginary friends I write about. For us, this is waiting a little longer to pursue a hobby. For them, it was life or death.

March in the 16th Century

A 16th century illustration of what happens in March (public domain via Wikimedia Commons).