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When I was researching daily life while writing The Cross and the Dragon, I was most surprised to learn that medieval people bathed.

Before reading a section of Pierre Riche’s Daily Life in the World of Charlemagne, I had thought it common knowledge that medieval folk didn’t bathe because they thought it unhealthy. Heck, even teachers repeated this.

Common knowledge, as it turns out, is wrong on this one. Carolingian palaces were required to have baths, and bath houses had a place at abbeys as well.

This month’s theme at Unusual Historicals blog is “Myths and Misconceptions.” I could not resist adding medieval bathing to the mix. Visit Unusual Historicals to learn more.

10th century Byzantine Nativity

This 10th century Byzantine work of art includes a depiction of baby Jesus getting His first bath (public domain image provided to Wikimedia Commons by the Walters Art Museum).