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Today, I am talking about The Cross and the Dragon, a tale of love amid the wars and blood feuds of Charlemagne’s reign, as well as my other works at The Maiden’s Court.

Its host, Heather, holds full-time job and is pursuing a master’s degree in history, with a concentration on the ancients and classics. Amazingly, she still make time to read and to blog.

Heather asks great questions, including:

  • Your novel, The Cross and the Dragon, is set during the time of Charlemagne, around the year 778-–this is not a typical choice of time or setting. What was it about this period that inspired you to set this novel, and your other works-in-progress, here? How did you come to be interested in Charlemagne?
  • This time period would be difficult to research, I would imagine. Is this true and where did you have to go to find your sources, and what kind of information do you have access to?
  • You previously worked as a journalist. What has it been like to shift to writing fiction? Have you always wanted to write a novel?

Find out the answers at The Maiden’s Court.