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November 2012 is just a few days old, and The Cross and the Dragon has been busy making appearances, with three wonderful reviews.

Historical Novels Review, published by the Historical Novel Society,” calls The Cross and the Dragon “…a modern take on a Sir Walter Scott type of romance, and one that will work for a modern audience.”

HNS is devoted to the enjoyment of historical fiction. If you’re an author or a fan of this type of literature, I urge you to join. Full disclosure: I have been a proud member of HNS since 2003.

The Cross and the Dragon was featured at A Bookish Affair this past week. Meg says, “Alda was a really stand-out character for me. She is most definitely a woman before her time. She is strong. She is not afraid to go after what she wants…Bottom line: Good historical fiction with a strong lead character.”

Meg’s love of book goes way, way back to when she was a toddler pulling books from shelves and pretending to read. Her love of books today is apparent.

The third stop for The Cross and the Dragon last week was at A Bookish Libraria. Deborah Previte says, “Her main characters, Alda and Hruodland, are as engaging and inspiring as any Romeo and Juliet I’ve ever read about…It’s a solidly good book with an engaging story to tell. If you love historical fiction, you’ll be as enchanted as I was with this one.”

Deborah is a writer with degrees in fine arts, art history/museum studies and English lit. Her blog reflects her eclectic reading choices.

Many thanks to these reviewers for taking the time to read and review my debut novel.