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I’m too flattered to pass this up. Novelist Colin Falconer has tagged me in the Lucky 7 Meme.

Here’s how it works:
1. You go to page 77 of your current WIP (that’s work in progress for the nonwriters)
2. You go to line 7
3. You copy down the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs, and post them, as they’re written.
4. Finally, you tag 7 authors, and let them know they’re tagged.

Well, I am starting my revisions of my debut novel, The Cross and the Dragon. Here is how the section in question reads in its current form.

“And we are missing a hunt because of it,” Gerard added petulantly in his mother tongue. “Are you certain of this? You know it will anger our father and the queen mother.”

Hruodland stared out at the garden, remembering the drunken, bold young woman who took him there last night. He had thought the ideal wife was meek and obedient. Alda was untame, yet he could not stop thinking about her. But Gerard would need a better explanation than Hruodland’s sentiments.

Hruodland touched the wall. “See this?” he said. “It is stone. This family must have great wealth, and once our father sees the wealth we have brought to our family, his anger will be assuaged.”

“That is possible. But the queen mother?”

“I hate to disappoint her, but Uncle Charles told me this morning that I should not marry the Breton only to please Grandmother. It was the reason he married the Lombard, and that marriage was a disaster. He said a union with a wealthy, well-connected family would be better and has his blessing.”

“If you are going to wed Alda,” Gerard said, “we should negotiate a generous dowry. Your royal blood will help us bargain.”

“That and the fact that neither Alda nor Alfihar wants a union with the count of Dormagen.”

And I invite you to read Colin’s post with his intriguing seven grafs.

Here are the seven authors I would like to tag, if they would like to participate:
Debra Brown
Diane M. Denton
Stephanie Dray
Roseanne Lortz
Sophie Perinot
Julie Rose
Lisa Yarde

Thanks, Colin.